About me

Hello there, my name is Jonathan Young. You can call me Jonathan for short. I come from Northwestern China and I am currently pursuing my master’s degree at Carnegie Mellon University. My major is Information Systems Management and I specialize in Database Design & Management. I also do like programming, I have been developing some projects like ‘Web Browser’, ‘Web Crawler’, and ‘Mobile Apps’.

Building a simple Web Crawler exposes students to some simple Python programming. You can use your personal search engine to query whatever you like without being ‘watched’. We can’t afford to let our privacy being exposed to others!

Building a Web Browser will force you to learn Python at a intermediate level, and to master some skills to parse HTML, JavaScript.

Mobile Apps—I’ve always wanted to create an Android-based application to monitor  video streams in real time so that we don’t have to sit in front of computers all the time. Imagine if you could watch your home by just touching your phone no matter where you are.


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